Social Project: Gee Bee


Meet Gee Bee* — a Good Bag.

All of us are familiar with charity actions like these:

Best-selling charity products from

But do they work properly, every day or worldwide?

The problems are:

  1. Not everybody does it.
  2. Cost: the price could be pretty higher than people ready to pay.
  3. Very specific product: often people want to help but do not want to buy a lollipop, for example, because it does not connect with their lifestyle.

We firmly believe that in our world there is a possibility to help children every day by every hands and globally.

All we need:

  1. Win-win idea for charity action.
  2. Low cost.
  3. A thing that everybody buys.

We found it. It’s a classic bag in the nearest store.


  1. Everybody pays for that or gets it free because it is included in product price (for most of the countries).
  2. The cost is very small.
  3. The bag manufacturing is global.

For most of the people a bag is so unimportant thing, so they do not care and forget about it immediately. We believe if customers know that money for bags is for children needs not for the store’s director — it will bring a positive attitude. That allows involve more people in a charity process. Also the global manufacturing is helping for that.

The idea is not to create some specific products for charity but use the money from bags that stores already get.

Our goal for now is dealing with local stores and during the month selling the bags for helping children. The manufacturers will get a payback and money that stores add extra go for charity. It does not matter if bag charge is included in product price or you pay for that at the till. We’ll inform people that “bag price” is the money that will be aimed at children support (children’s hospital or books for foster house, etc.) At the same time, people that do not want to pay for bags in the store have their own usually. Each month it could be different targets and stores. The participating stores will get Gee Bee stickers at entrances to inform customers.

Gee Bee sticker on the doors for participating stores

Our target in global is changing rules of bag sale: to direct money from selling for children support, in such a way, create not aid fund but trade-industrial based system for social help.

In the ideal future, we believe, it can become a system supported by government in a whole world when every bag is helping children and every bag is a Good Bag!

* — а transcription of GB (Good Bag).